Minutes from Jan 2015 Meeting

ACE Meeting

Jan 26, 2015Black Sheep Burritos


Jeff Ball called the order at 7:01 pm with 52 members present.      

A motion was made by Richard Eichberger to accept the Treasurer’s report and minutes from the last meeting as submitted.  A second was made by Tammie Silva.  Motion passed.

Jeff addressed the club to let everyone know that his vision is for ACE:

To be a major factor in the “Obesity Epidemic” we have in the Tri-State area.

To help sponsor the childrens tri in Huntington this spring.

To support the Loops for Hoops ride in every aspect (may 2nd).

Jeff also challenged every member to improve their own health in some way.  (Small steps are still steps in the right direction).

Tammie Silva reminded the club that May is National Bike Month!

The club discussed the issue of liability insurance for the club officers and that issue is still being discussed.

Glen Bailey (Ride leader chair)

Is hosting a Ride Leader Training on Feb 7th at his office.

He also discussed the ride schedule after Daylight Saving Time changes.

The club elected 2 new member to the Board of Directors.  Welcome Kent Morrison and Steve Shideler!

Jeff Ball also introduced the Marshall Cycling Team (Rolling Thunder?) and welcomed them to the club.

At 7:16 Gary Coovert made a motion to dismiss and Anne Parrott made a second.  Motion passed.

A collection was taken up for a member of the club who lost everything in a house fire.  Through the generosity of the members of ACE, we were able to donate over $600 to this member!


Treasure's report for Dec 2014



Treasurer’s Report from Dec 1 to Dec31 2014






ACE account                                       3 deposits totaling $276.00                   Starting Balance of $6237.16


                                                        4 checks cleared for $2333.50                    Ending Balance of $4179.66


SMBT account                                   2 deposits for $2000.00                                  Starting Balance $101.98


                                                     1 withdrawal for $1000.00                            Ending Balance of $1101.98


HVR TT  account                                 0 deposits totaling $0.00                        Starting Balance of $2931.70                                                       

                                                         0 checks cleared for $0.00

                                                        Inactive Service Charge $0.00                    Ending Balance $2931.70

*Since HFSL and Town Square are now merged, we no longer gain interest on our accounts.


** According to HFSL notice, “A $5.00 fee per month will be charged after 6 months of inactivity on any account with a balance of $500.00 or less”

Minutes from Dec meeting

ACE Meeting

Dec1, 2014                                                                                                          Bellefonte County Club


Kent called the meeting to order at 6:54 pm with 50 members present.      

A motion was made by Richard Eichberger to accept the Treasurer’s report and minutes from the last meeting as submitted.  A second was made by Dianna Ross.  Motion passed.

We held our election of officers and the new officers are as follows:

                Jeff Ball                President

                Josh Daniels       Vice President

                Alan Parrott        Treasurer

                Diane Morrison Volunteer Committee Chair

                Dianna Ross        Membership Director

                Kent Morrison   Director of Education and Social Activities

Kent then passed the torch to Jeff Ball.

Jeff Presented the first Spirit of ACE awards to

                Josh Qualls

Ron Hackworth

Melanie Riffe

Dianne Morrison

Jeff then discussed the goals and directions for ACE in 2015.

A motion to dismiss was made by Dianne Morrison and 2nd by Tom Peck.


A dinner followed the meeting and concluded with live music.

Ride Committee Updates

Hello ACE! As your newly appointed Ride Chair, I have been watching our Christmas Lists and our New Year’s Resolutions. I have a few of my own, and I want to provide some highlights and a brief overview of the Ride Committee’s activities and goals as we look ahead this year. 

Over the past month or so, I have assembled a Ride Committee, and members of that committee represent geographical areas of ACE’s region as well as the Committee’s various activities and areas of responsibility. Thanks to everyone for saying “yes” to serve ACE. Your passion for our sport and club is very evident. 

We have developed a list of Ride Leaders, and our goal is to have many more rides that have Ride Leaders. Thanks also to each of you for stepping up and agreeing to be a Ride Leader! If I have missed you and you want to be a Ride Leader, please let me know.

As a part of "ACE University", Ride Leader Training is under development, and a formal program will be offered soon. Ride classification is also under review, and we will be developing more detailed ride descriptions based not only on pace, but on ride length, difficulty and terrain.

Soon there will be a new ACE “featured ride” every Saturday in Huntington that is being developed around the concepts of set scheduled starting points, set start times, set rotating routes, and scheduled (trained) Ride Leaders. The ride will have at least two groups, both with leaders, and possibly two routes based on rider capability. Mapping and cue sheets will be provided for each ride.

There will also be a new set Sunday Huntington ride, casual pace, that will also have Ride Leaders. This ride will be much like the Sunday Ashland ride to Starbucks in Huntington. The two rides could possibly meet and join at a halfway point. 

This is just a brief teaser. There is much, much more in the works, and you will be hearing from me throughout the year. Ride safe, ride frequently, and ride together!

ACE University: Strava-what is it good for?

December 30, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.  Please join Richard Eichberger as he presents the features and benefits of Strava. Track your rides, plan your routes, monitor your training, see how to set training goals, follow fellow ACE members, and see your own personal heat map. The class will be taught via Google video hangouts. Google hangouts is available for laptop/desktop as well as all mobile devices so you can join from anywhere! We are limited to 10 participants. So the first 10 to login to the session will participate. Hope to see you online. If we have more demand we may add a second session on the same night.

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