ACE 2015 Mission

Dear ACE, As you may have mission for our group is simple....MORE RIDES>>>>MORE RIDERS. That is why we had ride leader training. That is why we aren't meeting monthly. We should be riding every opportunity our group can get. The more rides we can offer, the greater the opportunity for others to join us and get in shape. The goal....LOWER OBESITY. Then after kicking OBESITY, we will go after overweight! Let's make a commitment to each other on these goals. Be supportive and encouraging. Share our rides. Offer challenges. And don't forget the great advice of Michael Stratton that you can't outride a fork. Have great rides this Saturday ACE. I hope to see many rides posted and taking place. We hope to begin having our outings at the local bike shops soon. More information to come. Let's ride....

Time to Ride!

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