Spirit of ACE Awards

Monday night we honored our first ever "Spirit of ACE" recipients. These individuals represent the true spirit of ACE. Below are the brief award introductions. Congratulations to all and THANK YOU for all that you do for ACE!!!


Recipients for 2014

Ron Hackworth - this individual has been consistent in leading and forming group rides all year long. They have formed a reliable group of riders and are most welcoming to new riders. You may not know this recipient's real name, but pilgrim you probably know him as “Hack.”

Diane Murphy Morrison - this individual is always there no matter what. Volunteering, leading, meetings, cookouts, organizing, and even SAGing for old worn out riders in the middle of nowhere on route 3. She is an angel of ACE and has been critical to the success of ACE in 2014. You may know her as Lady Di…our first lady….Diane Morrison.

Josh Qualls - this individual has restored my faith in our youth. Whether representing ACE and sponsors at races or assisting a newbie on a challenging ride, this ACE member truly exemplifies the ACE values of giving back to the sport. Most recently this individual initiated Sunday morning mountain bike rides at Greenbo State park which had upwards of 20 riders in attendance. Building on this success, this individual presented the mountain biking opportunities at the recent KBBC meeting at Greenbo. Capable of dropping every rider in the peleton, this rider can often be seen at the back assisting struggling newbies or even seasoned veterans just having a bad day. Our next recipient of the Spirit of ACE Award is Josh Qualls.

Melanie Bailey-Riffe - ACE would simply not exist without this lady. She is the epitome of the ACE spirit. Always encouraging, incredibly passionate about cycling, and the strongest advocate for cycling in the region. Melanie is also a pretty darn good rider as well. We are so thankful for her contributions and for her original vision for starting our little cycling club.

Thanks to all of our "Spirit of ACE" recipients for 2014!

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