Looking Ahead to 2015

ACE held it's annual election on Monday night.   

I am proud to represent ACE as president in 2015.  

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Kent Morrison for his leadership as an ACE officer for the past 4 years.  


Some have asked what the does the future of ACE look like?  Imagine Thanksgiving dinner....Pap makes the turkey and dressing, Bev brings broccoli casserole, Susan brings deviled eggs, Barb brings mandarine orange salad, and Marsha brings the desserts.  The workload is shared and it tastes so much better with everyone participating...right?  That is what is critical to ACE in the future.  Everyone bringing their own talents and abilities to making us a critical part of the solution to the obesity epidemic in the tri-state area.  So if a committee chairperson asks you to serve in some capacity, please give it thoughtful consideration and then say YES!  

Here are the current officers and new committee chairpersons.


  • President-Jeff Ball
  • Vice-President-Josh Daniels
  • Treasurer-Alan Parrot

Committee Chairperson:

  • Ride Committee- Glenn Bailey
  • Educational/Social- Kent Morrison
  • Finance- Alan Parrot
  • Membership-Dianna Ross
  • Volunteer-Diane Morrison
  • Social Media- Derek Gregg

We will be updating the Board of Directors at the January meeting.  

We will be announcing our January meeting location and agenda very soon.  I hope you can join us.  

Here is the brief message from the Christmas Dinner on what I envision for the future of ACE.  Here is looking to a wonderful 2015 and Merry Christmas to you and your families.  Thanks for all that you do to make ACE a great place.  

2015 Presidents notes:

Building on our momentum.  ACE is now a regional organization.  The vision that I bring is that ACE is a critical part of the solution to the region’s obesity epidemic.  We must keep our focus on creating an environment of encouragement for new cyclists.  Cycling is a complicated and unfamiliar sport.  We are the ambassadors of cycling to all of the tri-state"s citizens.  

To fulfill our destiny as a solution to the obesity epidemic, we need all members to roll up their sleeves and jump in on the projects we have deemed a priority.  The are so many opportunities and we cannot do all of them.  But we can focus on a chosen few opportunities and turn those into special moments that can and will change the lives of our members and even non-members forever.  There are many in this audience tonight with a personal story of how ACE and the people of ACE have changed their lives.  We want more life-changing stories in 2015.  

Santa asked what would ACE members like to see in 2015 and here is what he heard:

  • Ride calendar
  • Bike maintenance
  • bike parts and assembly
  • Destination rides
  • Another Doodle Century
  • Summer night rides
  • Slow rollers group
  • Trained ride leaders for all levels

I am happy to report that our committee chairpersons are already at work on several of these items.  

Derek Gregg is beta testing numerous apps and software to seamlessly plug into our current social media network providing a more efficient means of ride communication and formation of a ride calendar.

Glenn Bailey is working on ride leader requirements, training, and fixed rides for the tri-state area.  

In 2015 we will build on our momentum.  We will leverage our strength as a regional organization and achieve things that we may never have thought possible.  With your help, I look forward to the many exciting things that will happen in 2015.  I also look forward to hearing more personal stories of how ACE has positively changed the lives of others in our shared communities.  

Time to Ride!

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