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Hello again everyone!

I wanted to update everyone on last nights meeting. There were 20 members present. At first we socialized a bit and ordered pizza then we discussed a couple of topics. Afterwards Kent Morrison showed us how to replace shifter cables (in the dark!).

The topics discussed were:

Tom Rupert Memorial Tour

ACE is bringing back the SMBT under a new name and new time of year. We are planning to hold the new tour about this time next year although an exact date hasn't been set. In case you do not know who Tom Rupert was, he was a founding member of ACE and a very active guy who liked to bike, run & hike. Unfortunately for us, Tom passed away a couple of years ago. He was very involved with the Ashland community and we are wanting to do something to honor Tom. We have a few members that have stepped up to be on a steering committee but if you would like to help out please get hold of me. We'll need lot's of help on this! I will let you know when we are going to hold our first meeting. In the mean time, we are looking for ideas of what we can do to honor Tom with the money raised from the event. Some ideas so far have been, help the Junior Golfers which Tom was active with, help youths somehow with camp or some event at Greenbo State Park and another suggestion was split the money between the 3 main communities that ACE covers - Ashland, Huntington & Portsmouth someway. Please feel free to let me know what your ideas are! 

ACE Christmas Party

We also set the date for our annual Christmas time get together. We will be holding our party once again at the Ashland Train Depot down by the riverfront at 6:00 pm on Monday, December 11, 2017. So mark your calendars now! ACE will provide pulled pork from the Scioto Ribber (Portsmouth). Everyone attending is asked to bring a side dish and a little dessert. Beverages are BYOB. Please either let me know by email or commenting on our Facebook event page for the party on what you are planning to bring so we can kind of coordinate the food. We don't want to have everyone bring green bean casseroles! Although, I love green bean casserole (hint, hint). Here is the link to our event page: . We will also be honoring some ACE members with the Spirit of ACE award. So please think about who you feel represented ACE the best this year and nominate them by emailing me or commenting on the Christmas party event page.

Thank you all for being part of ACE! I'll be in touch again when I have more to share.

Bill Kirby
ACE President

Century Cycling Classes at the Huntington YMCA

Century Cycling Class - Huntington YMCA - Jan. 15 thru March 26 2017 - Sundays @ 3:30 to 5:00 PM - May Building Spin Studio - UPDATE - YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF HUNTINGTON Y TO TAKE THIS CLASS! Sorry about that but due to high demand NO GUEST WILL BE ALLOWED! Did you sign up for the Kentucky Century Challenge? Here's your chance to get ready for it even when the weather says no! AJ Bryant will be leading a class every Sunday in Jan., Feb & March aimed at helping riders get ready for the spring outdoor riding season, something we can all use I'm sure. Class will be every Sunday at 3:30 for 90 minutes at the May building in Huntington, if you're already a Y member all you have to do is show up and ride. Not a Y member, there's a cure for that too. They are offering a special rate for ACE members that not only allows you to attend this class but will give you access to everything the Y has to offer. In other words, it's a full membership at a discount rate. Here's what they have to offer: 
(January, February and March)
Single Rate – (18 years and older only)
25% Discount Single Membership Rate (Pay in full for 3 months) - $122.49
15% Discount Single Membership (Pay monthly for 3 months) - $46.77

Single Parent Rate – (Single Parent with Children 17 and under)
25% Discount Single Parent Membership Rate (Pay in full for 3 months) - $140.73
15% Discount Single Parent Membership (Pay monthly for 3 months) - $53.17

Adult Couple Rate- (Married Couple)
25% Discount Adult Couple Membership Rate (Pay in full for 3 months) - $170.43
15% Discount Adult Couple Membership (Pay monthly for 3 months) - $64.39

Family Rate – (Married Couple with Children 17 and under)
25% Discount Family Membership Rate (Pay in full for 3 months) - $188.91
15% Discount Family Membership (Pay monthly for 3 months) - $71.37

Adult Youth - (18 – 21 years old) Add on only to memberships above –
25% Discount Adult Youth Membership Rate (Pay in full for 3 months) - $50.37
15% Discount Adult Youth Membership (Pay monthly for 3 months) - $19.02

In order to get these please call 304-525-8127 and ask for Kristi Adkins at ext. 13 or Latisha Rowsey at ext. 16.

Here's the kicker, if 6 ACE members join before Jan. 11 they will add another Century Cycling Class during the week! The YMCA offers a LOT more than spin, check out everything they offer at their website, LOTS of core strength classes, TRX, weights, boot camp to name just a few. Not a member of ACE? Here's another reason to pay your dues today. For the most up to date schedule of events download their app, their website shows the features available to all Y members. Now for the "bad" the past they allowed guest to pay $10 and enter after signing in to the class register. Due to safety & security concerns guest must sign in and be accompanied by a Y member, no exceptions, it's a sign of the times we live in I'm afraid. Don't forget, YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF ACE TO RECEIVE THESE SPECIAL RATES, just like Santa we'll be watching! It's time to train those legs and INCREASE YOUR CORE during the cold months.....see you there!l

ACE 2015 Mission

Dear ACE, As you may have mission for our group is simple....MORE RIDES>>>>MORE RIDERS. That is why we had ride leader training. That is why we aren't meeting monthly. We should be riding every opportunity our group can get. The more rides we can offer, the greater the opportunity for others to join us and get in shape. The goal....LOWER OBESITY. Then after kicking OBESITY, we will go after overweight! Let's make a commitment to each other on these goals. Be supportive and encouraging. Share our rides. Offer challenges. And don't forget the great advice of Michael Stratton that you can't outride a fork. Have great rides this Saturday ACE. I hope to see many rides posted and taking place. We hope to begin having our outings at the local bike shops soon. More information to come. Let's ride....

Site Moved To New Server

The website was recently moved to a new hosting server. Things should look and behave the same but if you encounter any problems please let me know what trouble you are having.

Homeless Veterans Fund Raiser 2/28

Mark your calendars for February 28, 2015! Velocity Sports Angela Holland Smith and Todd Smith) have graciously offered to host the Knights of Sufferlandria at their beautiful studio! The event will now be a Fund Raiser for the Homeless Veterans Resource Center! I will update the event to show this information and more. You can bring your bike/trainer and join us for an hour, two hours, or the entire 10+hours of Knighthood! We will collect donations for the HVRC at the door. Even if you can't ride, please stop by and visit and make a donation and throw a shredded chamois at the participants. Much more info to come.....

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