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Joining ACE has many benefits, and is very affordable! Single memberships are $20 per year and family are $30. 

  • Insurance - ACE members are covered on their rides with insurance via their membership dues. You must be a club member in good standing to be entitled to club insurance and it MUST be a designated club ride. Your primary insurance must pay first then after a $500 deductible, American Specialty kicks in and pays 100% up to $10,000. Immediately after an incident occurs, click the link below and REPORT the incident with American Specialty. Do this even if you think you won't meet the deductible. Keep copies of all receipts even those paid by the insurance company; keep all insurance papers relating to the incident. American specialty will send you forms to fill out to submit claims and you will have to attach receipts to the forms

You can pay online by using the Paypal option below. If you prefer to pay offline then click here for a mail-in form. (First time members can use the mail-in form to join for half price their first year. No online option)

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